Being the ‘Bee’ – Pollinating Tomatoes

When I started growing in my greenhouse – it took me a little while to figure out that I had to pollinate my own tomatoes! So…………

You are ‘the bee’ for pollinating your plants. There are a lot of ways to pollinate and bugs to introduce to help, but being ‘the bee’ for your blossoms is the sure way of making sure your tomatoes will grow well.

Tomatoes are not pollinated the same way that many flowers are. They are considered ‘self fertilizing’ which means that the male and female parts are contained in each of the flowers. It is not the bee going from flower to flower that pollinates them, but rather the buzzing of the bee wings which causes the pollen to ‘drop’.

When your blossoms are open to the point where to pedals are facing ‘backwards’, then you are ready to apply the magic. You can use a small paintbrush and ‘shake’ the flowers to see the pollen drop. You can also use an electric toothbrush to accomplish this task – especially because it can be very tiring to do this by hand for all your tomatoes.

It is really cool to watch as the pollen drops – because it means you are going to have tomatoes very soon!

Have fun being the bee!


‘The Greenhouse Gal’

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5 comments to Being the ‘Bee’ – Pollinating Tomatoes

  • That was a nice read. Phew… Don’t get too flattered but I actually learnt something from Self Pollinating Tomatoes | TUFF Greenhouses. Ha!

    Anyway, speaking of which, I wrote a gardening article myself at my gardening blog here: Tell me what you think and comment there. Thanks!

    Tina Gail

  • Loretta

    Are you saying that you using the brush on the stem of the tomato plant under the flower? I didn’t quite understand where you put the brush to make the pollen drop.


  • Hi Loretta!
    Good question. I actually use the electric toothbrush on the stem of the tomatoes right by the flowers. When you do this you will see it ‘shake’ the flower and most of the time when the flower is ready you will see the pollen actually drop by the yellow dust that comes out of the flower. Good luck!

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