Self Pollinating Cucumbers

Cucumbers LOVE to grow in my greenhouse – if you are starting to garden in your greenhouse this year, a helpful hint is that cucumbers also need to be self pollinated to help them grow to their full capacity.

Remember you can add lady bugs and butterflies to help with pollination as well. I self pollinate cucumbers because it is easy, doesn’t take a lot of time, and then I know for sure it is getting done (I am not a micro-manager at all, can you tell? 😉

To start with self pollinating you have to know which flowers are male and which are female. Just like with everything else, we have to ‘look under their skirt’ and get a little personal.

A female flower will have a ‘fruit’ type of appearance behind it with little spikes. Those are their ‘ovaries’ per say – just like this pic.The male flowers don’t have this – they are just plain and boring regular flowers. Sorry boys.Once identifying your flowers, there are 2 ways of self pollinating. The first way is with a small paintbrush. You will need to stick the paintbrush down into the middle of the male flower and twist it around, then immediately put it in the middle of the female flower to spread the love. Twist it in the female flower to make sure the pollen has gotten in there.The 2nd way to pollinate is to take all the pedals off the male flower so just the center part is left and twist that in the middle of the female flower.Have fun with cucumber love making :-)


‘The Greenhouse Gal’

ps. Here is a picture of the fruit just a little while later – what a cute baby…

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