Why Have My Tomato Plants Stopped Growing?

Very often in a greenhouse your tomato plants can reach a stage where they are almost ‘stunted’ in their growth. Not because there is something wrong with them at all. Most of the time it is because they have grown so fast and produced fruit so fast that they are put under ‘growing stress’.

So to help with this you can pick your big green fruit and also trim the bottom of your plants. Here is a picture of one of my plants that I need to help out a little bit. It is very healthy, but as you can see the bottom has yellowed a little bit.

I have picked the bigger green fruit and then I am going to trim the bottom of my plant a little bit. This will help take some stress off the plant to focus on producing and growing some more.

Don’t trim too much off, it is easy to get scissor happy. Here is a picture when it is done. This is just the bottom of the plant. I trimmed it about 6″ from the ground up. I mainly focus on cutting off the yellowing branches at the bottom of the plant so it doesn’t have to worry about giving any energy to them anymore.

***Don’t forget to keep testing your soil to make sure it has proper nutrients and balance if your plants are yellowing badly.

Happy Thinning :-)


‘The Greenhouse Gal’



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